My research has been highlighted by several news organizations. Links to stories and other features published in the past few years are included below.


“No Hollywood Ending for the Visual-Effects Industry.” Freakonomics Radio | Link

“Are Film Subsidies a Good Deal for California Taxpayers?” Pacific Research Institute | Link

Other Media | 2019

“New Study Questions Benefits of State’s Investment in Film Industry.” New York Times Union | Link

“Study: Film Tax Incentives Don’t Help Louisiana Much.” Baton Rouge Business Report | Link

“Taxpayers Don’t Get Much when States Like California Hand Tax Breaks to Hollywood, Study Says.” Sacramento Bee | Link

“A Hollywood Fantasy?” CalMatters | Link

“Big Bucks, No Impact.” Empire Center | Link

“Filming in Augusta is Nice, but Is It Worth the Price?” Augusta Chronicle | Link

“Is Hollywood Exploiting New York?” City and State (NY) | Link

“More Reasons to Rethink TV/Movie Tax Credits.” Daily Gazette (NY) | Link

“USC Study Finds Connecticut’s Film Tax Credits Flopped; CT Film Office Disagrees.” Yankee Institute for Public Policy | Link

“Lawmakers Scrutinize ‘Snowbate’ for Jimmy Fallon’s Minneapolis Show After Super Bowl.” Minneapolis Star Tribune | Link

“Even After Amazon, Lawmakers Won’t Touch NY’s $6.5 Billion (And Counting) Film Subsidy Program.” Gothamist | Link

“Colorado Budget Committee Nixes Request for More Film Incentive Money.” The Center Square | Link

“Possible Soda Tax Returns for Statewide Discussion.” Santa Monica Daily Press | Link

“City Proposal to Create Film Incentive Program Collapses.” Las Cruces Sun-News | Link

“Supporters of Controversial Mass. Film Tax Credit Aim to Make It Permanent.” Boston Globe | Link

“We’ll Skip This Movie: Hollywood Tax Incentives Too Scary.” New Hampshire Union Leader | Link

Other Media | 2018

“Anaheim Passes a Minimum Wage Measure Targeting Disneyland.” LAist/KPCC | Link

“Disney Wants a Company-Friendly City Council, and They’re Spending Big to Make it Happen.” LAist/KPCC | Link

“Is Disneyland Exempt from Anaheim’s ‘Living Wage’ Ballot Measure? The Debate Rages.” Los Angeles Times | Link

“Inside Wellywood: How NZ Taxpayers Forked Out $575 Million for Hollywood to Film Here.” New Zealand Herald | Link

“Are Utah Film Subsidies a Flop?” Deseret News | Link

“New York State Spends $1.4 Million on an Old Movie Theater to Create 6 Jobs.” | Link

“Stop Spending on Economic Development Waste.” Star-Gazette (New York) | Link

“The Cynthia Nixon Plan Miranda Hobbes Would Hate.” The Nation | Link

“Film Credit Clears Committees.” Los Angeles Business Journal | Link Unavailable

Other Media | 2017

“Pensions Pinch City Pocketbook.” Laguna Beach Independent | Link

“Economists: Film Tax Incentives Are to States as ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop’ is to Movies.” Nevada Independent | Link

“When Will States Get Smart and Stop Subsidizing Movies?” Los Angeles Times | Link

“Show Me the Taxpayers’ Money.” City Journal | Link

“Is Disney Paying Its Fair Share in Anaheim? The Money Battle Outside the Happiest Place on Earth.” Los Angeles Times | Link

“New York is Throwing Money at Film Shoots, But Who Benefits?” The Village Voice | Link

“Kentucky Awards $5 Million a Month to Low-Budget Films. What Do We Get in Return?” Lexington Herald-Ledger | Link

“A 13.5-mile Tunnel Will Make or Break California’s Bullet Train.” Los Angeles Times | Link

“Is a Hollywood Tax Credit Still Needed to Protect Industry Jobs?” KQED Radio | Link

“Battle for the Stars: How States Use Your Money to Lure Hollywood.” USA Today | Link

“State Film Subsidies are Real Losers.” Richmond Times-Dispatch | Link

“Out of Tune Tax Policy: States Shouldn’t Offer Tax Breaks to the Music Industry.” US News & World Report | Link

“‘Looking at You, Kid’: Tax Credits for Movies, TV in Focus.” Bloomberg | Link

Other Media | 2016

“Disney Got a Big Government Grant to Make a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Film in Queensland, Australia, but Nobody Will Say How Much.” Los Angeles Times | Link

“How a Backroom Deal Helped Portland Dodge Another Gentrification Controversy.” The Oregonian | Link

“Talks for Maricopa County to Sell Chase Field Stall, but New Appraisal of Value Possible.” The Arizona Republic | Link

“MPAA Chafed by USC Studies Critical of Film and TV Tax Incentives.” The Hollywood Reporter | Link

“Film Tax Credits Are a Giant Waste of Money, Study Finds.” Variety | Link

“Tax Breaks for Hollywood Moguls Are a Waste of Your Money, USC Studies Say.” LA Weekly | Link

“New York Spends Biggest on Film Tax Breaks.” Democrat & Chronicle | Link

“Researcher: Arizona Wise Not to Subsidize Film Industry.” Arizona Republic | Link

“Fayetteville Mulls Corporate Welfare for TV Show. Worth It?” Arkansas Times | Link

“MPAA Slams USC’s Film Tax Credit Study.” LA Daily News | Link

“MPAA Blasts USC Over Film Tax Credit Report.” Los Angeles Times | Link

“New York Lawmakers Approve Extension of State’s Film Tax Credit.” Budget & Tax News | Link